Executive Committee - 2016

Sheree Ebanks Chairman chairman@cds.ky
Paul de Freitas Theatre Manager
Deputy Chairman
Juliet Fenn Secretary secretary@cds.ky
Andrew Edgington Treasurer treasurer@cds.ky
  Committee Members  
Beverly Edgington Charity Epp Sophie Gough
Tony Heaver-Wren Sue Howe Melanie Hydes
Rory Mann Ashleigh Moore Vijay Singhera
  Zoe Wall  


Tony Heaver-Wren/Vijay Singhera
Marketing and Sponsorship pr@cds.ky
Sue Howe
Productions productions@cds.ky
Charity Epp
Costumes and Properties propcost@cds.ky
Paul de Freitas
Theatre Management theatremanager@cds.ky
Sophie Gough
Community events
  Social social@cds.ky
Ashleigh Moore
Membership and Volunteer membership@cds.ky
Beverly Edgington
FOH and Bar Management barmanager@cds.ky
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